Solar Water pumping kits!

Our solar water pumping kits are designed to give you peace of mind during installation, and smooth maintenance free operation post installation...

Bati Energy Solar Offer

1HP Solar Water Pump Kit,
Free International Delivery,
Only 2300 Euro.
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System Includes:
A. 40W x 28 Solar Panels, A Gread, Tier 1. 
B. 1 HP Solar water pump, Surface or Submersible as your need.
C. 1 HP solar Pump Controller, Schneider / ABB/Delta
D. Solar Cables : 20 meter
E. 3 Core, AC submersible cable, 1.5 
F. Galvanized Iron Mounting Structure.

A. Super Easy Installation with our Step by step installation video.
B. Upto 20 year lasting solution, with one time investment.
C. Almost zero maintenace.
D. Only care needed is in cleaning solar panels.
E. You can't Wire It Wrong, because of Solar MC4 Connectors
F. Get upto 1600 Liters of water per hour, from 50m Head.
G. Get upto 4800 Liters from 10 meter Head.

Claim this 1 HP offer till 14th March 2017 and Get Free International Delivery.