Bati Energy

A decade long Solar Photovoltaic Experience and Expertize at your Service.

A Journey started for climate change mitigation!

In 2006, an Aeronautical Engineering Student, Mr. Bhavesh Bati, having been traumatized by the global warming news all around, researched on the solution of climate change, and decided on Solar. The journey started as a small solar proprietorship doing solar street lighting projects for villages, reached to a private limited company with addition of Mr. Gunajit Brahma an IIM indore graduate. we started doing solar powered water pumping systems and gradually everything under the sun. we are still committed to our mission of sustainable development.

We understand our Social Responsibility

3% of our profit goes to "Bye Bye Plastic Bags" Organisation, In Bali, Indonesia !
Our social non-profit arm "Bati Energy Social Organisation" empowers social entrepreneurs by direct one to one guidance and councelling on matters pertaining to socially responsible business start-up, developments and trust based relationships.

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