Solar Water pumping kits!

Our solar water pumping kits are designed to give you peace of mind during installation, and smooth maintenance free operation post installation...

Bati Energy Solar Offer

5HP Solar Water Pump Kit,
Free International Delivery,
Only 6600 Euro.
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System Includes:
A. 250W x 20 Solar Panels, A Gread. 
B. 5 HP Solar water pump, Surface or Submersible as your need.
C. 5HP solar Pump Controller, Kinco / ABB/Delta
D. Solar Cables : 30 meter
E. 3 Core, AC submersible cable, 1.5, 50meter 
F. Galvanized Iron Mounting Structure.

A. Super Easy Installation with our Step by step installation video.
B. Upto 20 year lasting solution, with one time investment.
C. Almost zero maintenace.
D. Only care needed is in cleaning solar panels.
E. You can't Wire It Wrong, because of Solar MC4 Connectors

Claim this 5 HP offer till 30th Ocbtober 2017 and Get Free International Delivery.

Solar Grid Tied Power Plants 

We provide Solar Power Plants EPC services from 10KW to 1MW level projects. feel free to contact us for your requirements.

From Concept To Commissioning, Solar Grid Tied Power Plants.

System Includes:
A.  Plant Capacity from 10KW to 1000KW
B.  Full feasibility report, with information on breakeven, performance estimation and return on investment.
C.  Best quality solar panels, with 30 years of performance warranty
D.  Best quality solar power inverters 
E.  Fully customized, site specific solution. 
F.  Carport mounting strucuture, Ground Mount or Roof Mount.

A.  Design based on past 22 year of site climate and solar radiation data.
B.  Break Even possible in less than five years for indian projects
C.  Almost zero maintenace.
D.  Only care needed is in cleaning solar panels.
E.  Full 10 year free workmanship warranty included with the projects delivery.