Solar Power Plants.

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  1. A Step Ahead Of The Rest. While the world is only focused on generating power from the solar, we offer you projects which incorporate active/passive cooling of solar panels that offer 10%-15% additional power on top of integrating optional, cleaning, hot water generation and rainwater harvesting facilities. we also offer dual or multiple revenue streams on some viable projects.  
  2. Cyclone Proof Solar Structures: We saw how cyclone taukte ravaged coastal areas. along with damage to properties, it uprooted several megawatts of ground mounted and roof mounted solar power plants. This forced us to look for ways we can make our solar power plants cyclone proof. after more than a year's hard work, we can safely say, we have got what we set out for. your project will be 100% cyclone proof. 
  3. Lifetime Support. Our online monitoring solutions are also a step ahead in the direction of automation. with our innovative solutions, your projects will get full life operations and maintenance support. a dedicated project manager will monitor your project for any maintenance requirements. 
  4. Wind, Storage and Funding Options. Based on project site survey and technical viability, we will offer turnkey fully customized solution with option to include wind turbines and power storage. For deserving projects, external funding will also be offered from 3rd party investors OR financial institutes up to 80% of the project cost.
  5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Our decade long journey in solar ensures that we will be there with you when you will need to decommission the project. We will do free of charge decommissioning of the projects we installed and make sure that the waste is duly recycled or reused after end of the project life time. our commitment will be documented in our Full Life warranty certificate. 

Complete Life-Cycle Support.

With our solar partner Neurinko, you get complete lifecycle support for your solar project. Why would you build a solar power project, with no guarantee if the project will be blown up by strong cyclonic winds OR if you will get any value back at the end of lifecycle of the project?

Replace your diesel Gen-Set with our Solar Water Pumping Systems

Diesel pollutes. If you are using diesel pumps for your farms or gardens you are risking cancer not just for yourself but everyone who will consume the food you grow. Diesel is 5 to 10 times more expensive to operate than solar solutions. With solar powered water pumping systems, you not only invest in Health, but you also increase your wealth by saving money.



1. For Farming / Irrigation
2. For Livestock Drinking
3. For Industrial Purpose
4. For Community Water Supply
5. For Households, Hotels and Resorts
6. Water Drainage Pumping for Sports Compounds, Flooded Areas, Swimming pools.
7. HVAC Stand Alone Solar Power Solutions.



1. From 1H.P. to 1000H.P systems
2. From 1m head to 600m head.
3. from small Gardens to Large Farms
4. Life time support contract.
5. Fully customized solutions
6. Hybrid project with Wind Turbines and Power Storage options.
7. Run your Cooling or Heating systems with our power solutions off-the-grid. 

Agriculture with PV power

Let your farms be double productive with integration of Solar Farms as Green House Canopy on your farmland


Combine Traditional Farming of Vegetables, Plants, Cereals and Fruits with Modern Farming of Electricity through our AgroPV Solutions. 

AgroPV enables the use of same farmland for agriculture and solar power generation. This is possible with greenhouse canopy of semi-transparent solar panels.

Our solutions offer dual use of same farming land, thereby offering dual revenue streams of farming + power generation. we also incorporate rainwater harvesting, hot water production, on these solutions if needed.

With dual revenue streams, AgroPV solutions offer faster turn around, quicker break-even and offer more benefits per square meter.

View in Action

View in Action

15 HP Solar Water Pumping System 

Transparent Spaces. 

Learn More How

Glass Glass Solar Panel Applications in Various Architectural designs, can
1. Generate Clean Green Power
2. Provide Shade on your special spaces
3. Charge your EV with Solar Carport
4. Do water pumping for your home or farmland irrigation and

Datasheets of Solar Panels We offer

Datasheet addition is in progress. please email us if the datasheet you're looking for, is not yet uploaded.

Inverter Datasheets

We also offer container based inverter solutions for utility scale projects. 

Download more information below.

Investment in Solar Projects

We have some lucrative power purchase agreements with solar power buyers. Investment in these projects can offer you IRR of upto 13% per annum. contact us for investment opportunities. you can invest in project sizes of 50KW upwards .

Invest in Bati Energy

We started with just an idea. An idea to contribute in fight against climate change. we have survived the hardships of growing through cut-throat competition, without external funding support. we have grown from within ourselves as a company in last four years. This is your chance to make a difference, by investing in company that offers green power solutions across the spectrum.

Investing with us, you invest in the future of mankind!

  1. Growth. We have grown from scratch, with less than 10000 USD Revenues in 2015-2016, to more than a million dollar in Reveneus in 2018-2019. This growth shows our continuous dedication to promotion of solar power solutions. we are backed by 10 year history of making a difference. w!
  2. Transparency. Our company is built on human values of transparency, honesty and faith in human abilities. with this tools of progress become easy even with the kind of chaotic world we live in today. 
  3. Innovation. When it comes to innovations, we remain on the forefront. our current project involves, futuristic designs of semi transparent solar panels, with dual or multiple land / roof usages.
  4. Diversification. We are planning to diversify into solar powered on-site power solutions as well as IOT based solar automation systems. when it comes to solar, no one knows the opportunities and pitfalls better than us.  

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